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Public release date: 14-jun-2009 [ | e-mail | share ] contact: jeanne galatzer-levy jgala@uic. viagra buy no prescription canada Edu 312-996-1583 university of illinois at chicago huntington's disease deciphered researchers at the university of illinois at chicago college of medicine have discovered how the mutated huntingtin gene acts on the nervous system to create the devastation of huntington's disease. buy viagra online without prescription The report of their findings is available in nature neuroscience online. meladze viagra youtube The researchers were able to show that the mutated huntingtin gene activates a particular enzyme, called jnk3, which is expressed only in neurons and, further, to show what effect activation of that enzyme has on neuron function. generic viagra from the united states Huntington's disease is an adult onset neurodegenerative disease marked by progressive mental and physical deterioration. viagra online It has been known for more than a decade that everyone who develops the disease has mutations in a particular gene, called huntingtin, according to scott brady, professor and head of anatomy and cell biology at the uic college of medicine. best price on viagra "there are several puzzling aspects of this disease," said brady, who is co-principal investigator on the study. medical insurance that covers viagra "first, the mutation is there from day one. viagra buy no prescription canada How is it that people are born with a perfectly functioning nervous system, despite the mutation, but as they grow up into their 30s and 40s they start to develop these debilitating symptoms? Viagra generic soft tabs no brasil We need to understand why the protein is bad at 40 but it wasn't bad at 4. purchase viagra online without prescription " the second problem, according to brady, is that the gene is expressed not just in the nervous system but in other parts of the body. viagra no prescription fastest shipping us However, the only part of the body that is affected is the nervous system. generic viagra pill Why are neurons being affected? viagra online canada pharmacy Brady, gerardo morfini, assistant professor of anatomy and cell biology at uic and co-principal investigator of the study, and their colleagues began looking for a mechanism that could explain all the pieces of the puzzle. where to buy generic viagra They found that at extremely low concentrations, huntingtin was a potent inhibitor of axonal transport, the system within the neuron that shuttles proteins from the cell body where they are synthesized to the synaptic terminals where they are needed. Youtube paul thorn viagra A neuron's critical role in making connections may require it to make the cellular trunk, called an axon, between the cell body and the synaptic terminal to be very long. viagra everyday dose Some cells have axons that reach half the body's length -- for a tall person, a meter or more. viagra buy no prescription canada But even in the brain, axonal projections are very long compared to other cells. generic viagra online In addition to the challenge of distance, neurons are very complex cells with many specialized areas necessary to carry out synaptic connections, requiring a robust transport system. brand viagra online pharmacy "inhibition of neuronal transport is enough to explain what is happen. Viagra long term use viagra without a doctors prescription Benvida     Bienvenida